The Ventilated Façade

The Ventilated Façade

The Ventilated Façades. Ventilated façades are wall-cladding systems that offer a space between the external layer (the panel) and the internal one (insulation) to allow air circulation (ventilation). By cladding it with ventilated façade you provide your building a range of advantages including temperature maintenance and moisture prevention. Some key advantages are: – Prevents moisture inside the enclosure; – Keeps the freshness during the summer time; – Keeps the warmth during the winter time; – Extends the longevity of the building; – Offers a variety of options in terms of building’s appearance (color and shape combinations); – Up to 30% more economically effective, compared with traditional facades.

Besides the practical effects, as mentioned above, ventilated facades can become a beautiful and adaptive system, ideal for various architectural uses,that can entirely refresh the appearance of your building. Options for ventilated façades cladding materials include panels made of fibrocement, high-pressure laminate (HPL) and aluminium composite material. Natural, artificial and engineered stone is also used, as are panels made of ceramics, steel and aluminium.

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