The Slim Frame Aluminium Windows

The Slim Frame Aluminium Windows

This type of unique and expertly engineered window system offers the discerning homeowner the perfect combination of exceptionally slim line window frames whilst retaining a high level of performance. With sleek, clean lines, these beautifully designed windows can transform the appearance of any home, adding value to the property whilst also making it warmer, brighter and more secure.

Though often used for projects with a contemporary design aesthetic, slim frame windows are entirely suitable for more traditional homes. Slim frames mimic the sight lines of original steel windows and therefore enable a complete or partial glazing overhaul without altering the character of the property. Replacing old glazing with modern, slim frame windows can also enhance the security and energy efficiency of a period building without compromising its appearance.

The inherent strength of aluminium makes it possible for us to design windows with narrow, unobtrusive frames, therefore maximizing the glass area and giving the property a modern and refreshing look.

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