The façade’s importance in high-street retail

The façade’s importance in high-street retail

Did you know that it takes 8 seconds to walk by a typical storefront? Therefore, an irresistible shop façade is the very first aspect of a good retail store design. It’s basically a teaser, where the customer feels an incredible pull towards your shop. The more unique your store façade is, the more curious passers will be about the inside. When competing with the big box retailers and shopping centres, the high-street shops must turn on the charm and provide guests a storefront façade that tells a story and invites more walk-ins. Some small tips for your storefront façade:

– A clear glass provides visibility and enhances the overall shop concept;
– Additional façade cladding with aluminium, stone, wood or fibrocement give a distinctive touch to the store;
– A clean and distinctive signage, that can be easily seen by both driving and pedestrian traffic, is a must;
– Video displays are being more frequently incorporated into the storefront’s façade;
– An alluring, interesting façade makes buyers wonder about your products and anticipate what they’ll find, but the storefront shouldn’t overpower your products – keep it simple.

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