Solar Shading

Solar Shading

One of the most important challenges of energy-efficient concepts in buildings is to control the entrance of daylight. It is important to find the right balance in allowing sunlight to enter, while at the same time avoiding overheating of the building. The most efficient way to achieve this is by applying external sun screening systems. By implementing aluminium sun screen systems into your building design, you will reduce the need for air conditioning, without compromising the entrance of daylight.

The use of aluminium for such applications is obvious because of its ultimate durability, low maintenance, stability characteristics and, of course, because of the superior aesthetics. The design of the louvers gives a contemporary look to the building and the choice of colours and finishes range from a matte, gloss, wood to metallic. These solar shading systems, being mounted on the outside of the façade, provide an aesthetic and practical solution to protect buildings against an excessive amount of sunlight.

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