Ventilated Facades

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Encasing the facade of a building with a ventilated wall system is the most effective outdoor covering technology that solves the problem of providing protection against humidity and weather conditions, insulating it and improving noise levels inside.

From the basic design to the final plans, from the actual production of the parts to the installation and assistance on-site, ALUMART is able to supply ”turn-key” ventilated walls projects to all of its customers.

In terms of thermal energy, ventilated walls can reduce the amount of heat the building absorbs in hot weather conditions due to partial reflection of solar radiation by the covering and the ventilated air gap. Vice versa, during winter time, ventilated walls manage to retain heat, resulting in savings in terms of heating.
Finally, this building system, thanks to its “chimney effect”, sets up efficient natural ventilation, hence the name ventilated facade, notably aiding heat and moisture removal and guaranteeing a high level of living comfort.

In addition, ventilated walls tend to increase the reflection of external noise as the particular construction, consisting of layers of facing, air gap and insulating material, ensures a certain level of acoustic absorption.
This obviously depends on the properties of reflection, absorption and acoustic transmission of the materials used, as well as their dimensions, thickness, positioning and the behaviour of the building structure, but superior acoustic comfort can be obtained using a ventilated façade.

Precisely because of the numerous benefits and in-depth technological innovations, ventilated walls are earning increasing recognition in the world of contemporary architecture, permitting free interpretation of façades in a modern and brand new style, the perfect answer to demanding project and performance requirements.

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