Lobby, Retail & Atriums

Lobby, Retail & Atriums2020-01-31T08:28:34+00:00

The client experience starts long before a client sits down in your office or inside your store. One important piece of the client experience, and possibly the first impression of your firm/product, is your office lobby or retail façade.

Atriums are considered the heart of public buildings (hospitals/ shopping centres/ educational centres/ office buildings etc.). Not only the main spaces where social activities happen, people gather/socialise but also connect to the nature (sun/ green spaces) to meliorate the indoor environment/ levels of comfort of the buildings.

We provide a wide set of options for the building’s entrances, lobbies, atriums and retail facades, that enhances the overall image and functionality of the premise.

Key features:

  • Revolving doors
  • Wind fang
  • Automatic sliding
  • Atriums
  • Pivoting doors
  • Glass doors

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