Every architect understands that a building’s “curb appeal” is crucial. Architectural canopies impart a unique aesthetic and emotional appeal that other physical elements cannot supply, enhancing the overall look and functionality of virtually any building.

Architectural canopies can act as a beacon, making it easy for everyone to find the building’s entrance, not always an easy task in today’s visually distracting urban environment. More so,  we can even state that canopies act as a virtual “welcome sign” to guests, clients and customers alike.

The canopy can act also as protection barrier, shielding the entrance and visitors from the weather elements, being either the hot sun, rain or snow, and making the entrance into the building more physically comfortable.

Another aspect, especially for high-street retail, the canopy can incorporate a client’s name, logo or other thematic artwork in order to reinforce branding and build name recognition. Drawing additional traffic to tenants reflects a wellbeing on the building itself and often directly benefits other occupiers as well.

A canopy is an important architectural element. It can either reflect or contrast with the building’s overall design and style – blending in or standing out, but visually interesting in either case.

Key features:

  • Relative flexible in design, shape and size.
  • Can be made from glass or various cladding materials.
  • Enhances the overall appeal of a building.

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