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Alumart’s services have proven effective in any building program including innovative content in the form of advanced design, materials, systems or installation methods, and in programs incorporating BIM and LEED. We provide comprehensive design-assist and design-build services that make a visible difference in the project.

The foundation of a successful facade or curtainwall project is innovative system design and engineering. Our team develops custom solutions to each new project, derived from a robust framework of Alumart’s technology and know-how. Design considerations range from the aesthetic and performance requirements determined in collaboration with the architect, to the fabrication and installation requirements that must be anticipated by the system design to assure a successful project completion.

With an extensive in-house design team and a long history of experience in the design and development of custom curtainwall and advanced facade systems, Alumart provides superior design service to the construction industry.

With growing pressure for superior performance at competitive cost, building skins have become increasingly complex. We understand the importance of early technical input into facade development during the schematic phase of a new building design, and specialize in providing comprehensive design-assist and design-build services. We recognized the importance of emerging design tools and practices early on, and embraced Building Information Modelling (BIM) and LEED for the facade so that we could integrate them into our service offerings as appropriate.

Concept / In-principle design

– Typical system details and interfaces for design team review and approval.
– Preliminary structural engineering checks on systems and components to confirm / determine sizes & adequacy.
– Review the design to identify any material optimization.
– Develop custom components (if required).
– Preliminary thermal analysis to confirm compliance with specified requirements.

Consolidated Shop Drawing Documentation + Engineering

– Fully develop a consolidated shop drawing documentation package including elevations, plans, sections, details, and materials schedule.
– Undertake full engineering for all system profiles, components and fixings.
– Liaise and coordinate with the Architect, design team as required.
– Provide engineering certification (or equivalent) as required by the governing body.

Fabrication / production drawings

– Panel marking elevation with panel take-off table.
– Glass marking elevation.
– Glass fabrication drawings with glass take-off table.
– Material and parts take-off.
– Individual bar drawings for each panel.

Key features:

– Drafting: 2D and 3D
– Structural calculation
– Advance thermal engineering
– Condensation analysis
– Acoustics analysis

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