Building Access & Maintenance

Building Access & Maintenance2020-01-31T08:13:19+00:00

In the current evolution of high-rise architecture and building facades, it is becoming more common to have facade access systems.

A facade access system is a system that gives workers the possibility to carry out their day to day activities at the exterior facade of a building. Facade access systems provide safe access to all parts of the building facade, including the hard-to-reach places.

Today, our customers demand the best facade access system that not only provides access to all parts of the facade but guarantees the highest possible degree of safety for both the facade workers and the general public.

Evenly important, our customers expect the access system or Building Maintenance Unit to become an integral part of the architectural design, fully blended into the building. Therefore, we are always involved from the early stages of the project, even from the concept phase, in order to best integrate these systems into the building design & functionality.

Key features:

  • Building maintenance units (BMU’s)
  • Monorail systems.
  • Davit arms.
  • Cradle restraint systems.
  • Guardrail and balustrade.
  • Horizontal lifelines and rails.
  • Eyebolt anchor systems.

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